Introducing the company information of BL Autotec Co, Ltd.


By always creating products with a passion for challenge, creativity, and innovation, we aim to be trusted and embraced as the world’s number one manufacturer of industrial automation equipment and robotics peripherals

Management policys

As proud employees of the Bando Group, we aim to contribute to society by creating and offering new added value and higher-quality products in the spirit of harmony and integrity, in order to meet the needs of the times and reward customer’s confidence in us while expanding and developing both the company andourselves.

Business consept

1. To create new products and new markets, while pursuing our own growth.
2. To improve work quality, while seeking even higher efficiency.
3. To globalize the company from a broad perspective.
4. To help make the Bando Group even more vigorous in close coordination with other Group companies.
5. To work together to improve safety and well-being, as well as to preserve the environment.

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