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PN-ZERO 2/C-4(CC-Link spec.)

  • Wire-saving model(CC-Link spec.)


PN-ZERO Series is a rotary joint developed for positioners and turntables.  The lightweight and compact body is equipped with electrical signal contacts and pneumatic port utilities.  There are no restrictions on the angle of rotation, so its endless 360 degree rotation eliminates problems associated with electrical wire wrapping and pneumatic pipe fittings. Please select a model based on the electrical signal contacts and number of contacts needed.

Features of ROTARY JOINT PN-ZERO Series


  • Equipped with both electrical signal contacts and pneumatic port utilities
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • 360 degree endless rotation (Rated 50rpm)
  • Supports three wire-saving models (DeviceNet, Uni-wire, CC-Link)  and four analog signal models (6, 12, 24 and 36 electrical wires)
  • CC-Link Partner Association approval (PN-ZERO 2/C-4)


  • 回転方向、角度の制限が無くなり、基準点へ戻すことなく生産の効率化が図れます。
  • 断線や配管破れ等のトラブルが無くなり、生産停止の問題解消、メンテナンスに要するコスト、時間の無駄を省けます。



  • Positioner turntable shafts
  • Shafts for plural jigs by vertical and lateral rotation method
  • Other forward/reverse rotation device shafts

Main specifications

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