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The RCC Device is designed to perform remote compliance functions, incorporating durable, yet flexible rubber mount elements. The device, which is installed between the robot arm (or other automated assembly equipment) and the gripper, simplifies assembly because the device corrects lateral, cocking (diagonal) and/or torsional positional misaligment. The device reduces the number of assembly defects and lost time due to misalignment, and helps prevent equipment damage. The result is improved product quality and manufacturing productivity.

Features of RCC DEVICE





・sertion of bearing into housing  ・LSI inspection equipment    ・Alternators    ・Insertion of gear into pline shaft  ・PCB 
・Car air-conditioning units  ・Rivet installation  ・Engine valves  ・Car stereos   ・Screw tightening     
・Automatic transmission valves  ・Medical equipment


・Aircraft body plate riveting     ・Tool changing and positioning     
・ Aircraft body plate grinding and deburring   
・Automated measuring (inspection)    ・Reaming    ・Mold positioning

Defining misalignment and other terms

Positional error correction direction / Stiffness in each direction

  • Positional error correction direction

  •  Stiffness in each direction

Guide to Model Selection

Lateral stiffness (KL) and cocking stiffness (RC) are the two most important properties in selecting a suitable device. The values KL and RC required for correct assembly can be determined using the basic principles of dynamics. The following example of the insertion of a shaft into a hole demonstrates the significance of the values KL and RC.

From initial approach to complete insertion of the shaft

F: Insertion force (kgf)
X:Lateral misalignment (cm)
α:Cocking misalignment (rad)
D:Hole diameter (cm)
d:Shaft diameter (cm)
μ:Coefficient of friction
θ:Chamfer angle (deg)
C:Clearance ratio (D-d)/D

Relationship between insertion force and depth of insertion

※Complete insertion can only be achieved if the selected device has actual values for KL and RC which
   are less than the theoretical values calculated using the equations above.
   Taking this into consideration, as well as other factors such as dimensions and weight, choose the most suitable model
   for your requirement. 


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