Product information

Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • Load capacity:300kg(2,940N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

The BL QUICK-CHANGE Model GC-300A is a device for automatic tool changing, specially designed for changing material handling welding guns or guns with built-in transformers in a spot-welding line. Primary current, air pressure and electrical signals (Servo) modules can be selected for the GC-300A.The GC-300A provides increased production line efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Master plate Attachments
・1 Insulation plate
・2 insulation pins
・6 insulation washers
・6 insulation pipes
・6 bolts(M10×30)
・1 locating pin
・6 plain washers

Features of GC-300A

Unidirectional cable and hose

The power and control cables and the pneumatic hose are oriented in a single direction.

The primary current module contains a floating mechanism

The primary current module is equipped with a self-cleaning function and a floating mechanism.

Self-sealing coolant ports

The check valves of the circulating coolant ports are equipped with a PTFE sleeve to prevent liquid spillage.

Superior fail-safe locking mechanism

BL’s unique lock/unlock mechanism contains a mechanical fail-safe feature which does not allow the Master and Tool plates to uncouple if the air pressure is shut off.


Ordering Information


Electric signal module ( Servo module)
Load capacity:300kg(2,940N)GC-300-M(T)-SC04M,SC06M

Primary current module
Load capacity:300kg(2,940N)GC-300A0M(T)-PC3DM,PC3DT

Load capacity:300kg(2,940N)GC-300-M(T)-PC3EM

Optional parts can be equippedGC-300-M(T)-PC3ET

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