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Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • Load capacity:100kg(980N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

The BL QUICK-CHANGE Model USP-100A is a thin-shaped automatic end-effector changer designed to handle the high-speed conveyance of press parts. The thin design allows end-effectors on the parallel displacement arm to work on molding applications in press processes. Even if the opening is narrow, press parts can be conveyed without changing direction. (Japan Patent No. 3717923)

Master plate Attachments
・8 bolts(M8×30)
・2 locating pins(MSY8-20)
※Seal plate, O-ring and screws are pre-assembled.

Features of USP-100A

Slimline design

BL’s unique lock/unlock mechanism was newly designed to this specification, with a thickness of only 50mm when coupled, so it can handle narrow press openings.

Built-in position confirmation sensor

The built-in position confirmation sensor is equipped with a proximity switch.

Superior fail-safe locking mechanism

BL’s unique lock/unlock mechanism contains a mechanical fail-safe feature which does not allow the Master plate and Tool plate to uncouple if the air pressure is shut off.


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Electrical signal contact block
Load capacity:100kg(980N)USP-100A-M(T)-D15U

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