Product information

Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

Master plate Attachments

・6 bolts(M10×60)
・1 locating pin
※Seal plate, O-ring and screws are pre-assembled.

Features of QC-150C

Lock without touching

The Master plate can lock onto the Tool plate with a gap between them.

Superior fail-safe locking mechanism

BL’s unique lock/unlock mechanism contains a mechanical fail-safe feature which does not allow the Master and Tool plates to uncouple
if the air pressure is shut off.


Ordering Information


Electrical signal contact block
Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-D37Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-J16Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-M10Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-M19Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-A16Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-A08Z

Non-contact electric signal block
Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-B15NZ,B15PZ,B15DZ

Pneumatic ports
Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-P18Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-P14Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-P38Z

Load capacity:150kg(1,470N)QC-150C-M(T)-P3WZ

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