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Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • Load capacity:100kg(980N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

The BL QUICK-CHANGE Model QCP-100 is an automatic tool changer used in press handling applications for switching part-adsorption end-effectors. It is easy to set up ID confirmation on the Tool plate side, and the block itself is equipped with a protective cover. An electrical signal contact block without a connector on the tool side is available as an option.

Master plate Attachments
・6 bolts(M8×55)
・1 locating pin
※Seal plate, O-ring and screws are pre-assembled.

Features of QCP-100A

Body designed specially for press applications

Both sides of the Tool plate are cut, which allows it to be placed in an upright position, requiring less space for hand installation.

Utilities specially considered for press applications

Eight pneumatic vacuum ports are included on standard equipment, and the QCP-100 can be optionally equipped with up to 16 ports. The Tool plate has an optional electrical signal block contact without a connector (R16A/B). Directly-soldered hard-wiring makes a plug unnecessary, so it cannot be damaged when hands are exchanged. It is easy to assign ID discrimination in the hard-wiring section, and the block itself is protected by a metal cover.

Capability to assign power signals to the lock/unlock sensor
from the electrical signal contact block

Two types of power signals may be assigned to the lock/unlock sensor (optional) from the electrical signal contact block.

Superior fail-safe locking mechanism

BL’s unique lock/unlock mechanism contains a mechanical fail-safe feature which does not allow the Master plate and Tool plate to uncouple if the air pressure is shut off.


Ordering Information


Electrical signal contact block
Load capacity:100kg(980N)QCP-100A-M(T)-J16A,J16B

Load capacity:100kg(980N)QCP-!A-M(T)-M10A,M10B,L07A

Load capacity:100kg(980N)QCP-100A-M(T)-R16A,R16B

Non-contact electric signal block
Load capacity:100kg(980N)QCP-100A-M(T)-B15NA_B,B15PA

Optional parts can be equippedB,B15DA_B

Pneumatic ports
Load capacity:100kg(980N)QCP-100A-M(T)-P38A,P38B

Lock/unlock sensor
Load capacity:100kg(980N)QCP-100A-M(T)-SA,SB

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