Product information

Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • Load capacity:70kg(686N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

Flex-70 is attached to the robot flange for quick and reliable exchange of end-effectors, such as tools.  The ball-lock system in the Tool Plate is a sturdy specification, even for moment loads. A ground and approach sensor are now available as options in addition to conventional pneumatic ports, electric signals and a lock/unlock sensor.  May be used in welding, press handling and deburring applications.
Earth contact and electric signal module with approach sensor are added as option to usual electric signal contact blocks, pneumatic port blocks and lock/unlock sensor.

Master plate Attachments
・6 bolts(M6×40)
・1 locating pin
※Seal plate, O-ring and screws are pre-assembled.

In case combing Flex-70(old version) & Flex-70A (current version), pls confirm a serial number & let us know accordingly.

Features of Flex-70

Heavy duty applications

For heavy duty applications, such as deburring, a special seal prevents dust from entering the locking mechanism and electrical contacts when the plates are coupled.

Various range of utilities

In addition to traditional air ports, electrical signals and a lock/unlock sensor, an approach sensor and a ground can be added.

Large misalignment correction capability

The unique design corrects misalignment when the Master and Tool plates couple. An approach sensor system, built into the plates, verifies coupling capability.

Superior fail-safe locking mechanism

BL’s unique lock/unlock mechanism contains a mechanical fail-safe feature which does not allow the Master and Tool plates to uncouple if the air pressure is shut off.


Ordering Information


Electrical signal contact block
Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-D15A,D15B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-J16A,J16B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-M10A,M10B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-A16A,A16B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-A08A_A08B

Non-contact electric signal block
Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-B15NA_B,B15PA_B,B15DA_B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-E50A,E50B

Pneumatic ports
Load capacity:70kg(686N)Flex-70A-M(T)-P18A,P18B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)P14A,P14B

Load capacity:70kg(686N)P3WA,P3WB

Lock/unlock sensor
Load capacity:70kg(686N)SA,SB

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