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Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • 700Kg(6.860N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

GIGA is a device for automatic tool changing, designed for robots handling heavy-payloads, with weight capacities of 350kg, 400kg, 500kg, and 700kg.  GIGA is used for body in white handling and jig base changing in the automotive industry.  It is also used in other industries for heavy load palletizing, and loading and unloading of CNC machines. In addition to handling applications, GIGA can be used in spot-welding gun changing applications. GIGA can also use our QUICK-CHANGE ZEUS Series modules.

Accessories for master plate
W/O insulation (IN12 or IN16)… parallel pin (φ12×22)×1pc, bolts (M12×90)×6pcs,
  flat washers (for M12 bolts, small)×6pcs,
  spring washers (for M12 bolts)×6pcs, 
  resin collars (inner φ12.5)×6pcs
With insulation (IS)… insulation locating pins (φ12×30)×2pcs, bolts (M12×100)×6pcs,
  flat washers (for M12 bolts, small)×6pcs,
  spring washers (for M12 bolts)×6pcs,
  resin collars (inner φ12.5), insulation plate×1pc



Lock without touching

The Master Plate can lock onto the Tool Plate with a gap between them.

Enhanced mechanical fail-safe function!

Our proven mechanical fail-safe mechanism has been further enhanced with the addition of a spring 
back-up for greater reliability, so the Master and Tool Plates will not separate, even if pneumatic pressure fails.

Conforms to ISO standards for robot flanges!

The GIGA bolt pattern is compatible with heavy payload robot flanges. Bolt pattern: PCD 200, M12×6 pcs

Safety feature:fool-proof

Built-in lock/unlock sensor (selection NPN/PNP)
Built-in approach sensor (detecting clearance of Tool Plate)
Standardly equipped mechanical safety valve that allows Tool Plate to separate from Master Plate only at a certain spot on tool stand.


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