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Exchange robots and machines hands and tools automatically


  • Load capacity:5kg(49N)
  • Optional parts can be equipped

QUICK-CHANGE for Collaborative Robot.

No power source required for coupling and uncoupling.

The mechanical locking system eliminates the need for pneumatic, electric, or other power sources when coupling and uncoupling.

Both automatic & manual coupling & uncoupling are available.

2 methods of coupling & uncoupling are available:
・Automatic coupling & uncoupling when retracting TS (tool station) by robot
・Manual coupling & uncoupling by pushing the tool changer's protrusion part.


Features of ATOM

Equipped with electric contacts (1.5A×8 contacts )
・Built-in electric contacts in the center of the master / tool plate
・Male / Female M8 connector on master / tool plate are selectable

Optional pneumatic port (M5×2) can be installed   
Specialized device for tool plate is provided
・Specialized unit (simple and easy to install)
・Solenoid lock mechanism prevents displacement due to 
    vibration, etc.
※ It can be used safely around AGVs and machine tools that may
      cause vibration (selectable from left or right side).



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